Tearing in adults

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There is insufficient tear film drainage from the eye or eyes. Instead of the tears draining through the nasolacrimal system, they overflow onto the face. Tears are needed to keep the front surface of the eye healthy and maintain clear vision, but too many tears can make it difficult to see. This can make driving difficult or dangerous.
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Why Do Older Eyes Seem to Produce More Tears?

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Blocked Tear Duct in Adults: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

The condition is common in infants , but it can develop in adults, too. And while a blocked tear duct is often harmless for babies, in adults it can sometimes be a sign of a serious health problem. Blocked tear ducts are often treatable and temporary, but if the condition lingers, you should see a doctor. You may develop watery eyes alongside a cold, sinus infection , or eye infection unrelated to the tear ducts. Exposure to wind or bright sunlight can also trigger excessive tearing. Swelling around the eye and eye redness may also be the result of an injury to the eye that may or may not affect the tear ducts.
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David R. Benson, M.D., O.D., Eye Physicians of Lakewood

Tears are essential for your eyes to work correctly. Tears wash away dust and particles that get in the eye and they keep the eye moist. In some cases, however, the eyes over-produce tears, resulting in "rheumy" eyes or an embarrassing teary-eyed appearance. While infection, irritation, allergies and other causes for watery eyes exist, one of the most common causes of watery eyes and tearing is, oddly, dry eyes. The body senses that the eyes are dry, so it makes more tears.
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Excessive tearing epiphora in the adult patient has many causes. Overproduction of tears may be caused by eye irritation foreign body, wind, smoke, fumes , eyestrain, or emotion. The lining of the eyelids contain numerous small glands that provide for baseline tear production to keep the surface of the eye moist during normal activities. A large tear-producing gland called the lacrimal gland is located in the upper eyelid and generally excretes large quantities of tears when the eye is irritated or "dry".
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