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Enlarged axillary lymph nodes can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, including breast cancer. The human circulatory system includes the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, two networks that play complementary roles. As you may recall from a high school biology class, the cardiovascular system consists of arteries and veins. Arteries transfer blood, enriched with oxygen and fuel, to cells. Veins return blood, carrying carbon dioxide, back to the lungs. The lymphatic system moves lymph between tissue and the bloodstream via lymph ducts, lymph nodes, lymph vessels and organs.
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Symptoms and Treatment for Swollen Lymph Node in Breast

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Symptoms and Treatment for Swollen Lymph Node in Breast

Although breast cancer is not easily controlled, the spread of breast cancer is sometimes predictable. The cancer cells spread through a customary path, out from the tumor and into the surrounding lymph nodes, before they progress throughout the body. A sentinel lymph node biopsy is a procedure to examine the lymph node closest to the tumor because this is where the cancer cells have most likely spread. To be able to identify the sentinel lymph node, the surgeon will inject dye or radioactive substances into the tissue near the tumor. During surgery, the nearest lymph nodes will be removed and checked for the presence of cancer cells.
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What Are "Lymph" and "Lymph Nodes"?

Lymph is a clear fluid that travels through your body's arteries, circulates through your tissues to cleanse them and keep them firm, and then drains away through the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes are the filters along the lymphatic system. Their job is to filter out and trap bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and other unwanted substances, and to make sure they are safely eliminated from the body. Also traveling through the arteries is fresh blood, which brings oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of the body—including your breasts.
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I promise we are almost there…one more benign breast mass to discuss! Lymph nodes serve as filters for our lymphatic system and are normally present throughout the body. The mere presence of a lymph node in the breast does not automatically signal the presence of breast cancer.
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