With  the majestic Cevennes and natural reserve of the High Languedoc to the North, Gabian is the gateway southwards through the wine growing plains stretching to Pézenas and the Mediterranean beyond.

At the meeting of two rivers, in a long valley in the middle of Occitanie, Gabian is a small village of around 800 inhabitants.

It all starts at the source, ‘the Resclause’ a natural source of water. Exploited first in the Neolithic era, later by the Romans who realised its potential, putting it to work supplying Béziers and building an aqueduct to carry it there with mills en route.

Gabian belongs to the group of ‘villages circulades’, circular villages of Occitanie.

Many vestiges of its past are visible such as the ancient ramparts guarding the end of rue du Théron.

 Under the watchful facade of the chateau de Cassan, life in the village continues its rhythm, following the seasons of the vineyards.

Gabian has in the past been valued for the richness of its natural resources. Today its architectural heritage and rustic appeal attracts “foreigners” who come to live here. They buy houses, long neglected, breathing new life into them.

A village of history, Gabian will charm you with its simplicity, nonchalance and rusticity, right in the heart of Occitanie